Current Lab Members

Elizabeth L. Jockusch
Biology / Pharmacy 305B
860-486-4452 (office)
elizabeth.jockuschUConn Email
Liz in the fieldLiz Clifton
Ph.D. Student
Termite warfare and weapons
Amanda Pastore
M.S. Student (co-advised with Mark Urban)
Biology / Pharmacy 213
Hannah RalickiHannah Ralicki
Caira / Jockusch labs
Biology / Pharmacy 318
hannah.ralickiUConn Email
Justin Kratovil photoJustin Kratovil
Postdoctoral Researcher
Biology/Pharmacy 322
justin.kratovilUConn Email
Nick Van Gilder
M.S. Student
Conservation genetics of Batrachoseps campi
Biology/Pharmacy 318
Katherine Starr
Undergraduate Researcher
NSF REU (summer 2019)
ArianaAriana Rojas
Undergraduate Researcher
SURF (summer 2020)
Madison Molnar
Undergraduate Researcher with Liz
Project: Impact of fighter ratios on group versus individual termite battles
Sarah Anderson
Undergraduate Researcher with Liz
Project: Effects of battle size on termite aggressiveness
Samantha Bird
Undergraduate Researcher
Project: Oviposition site selection in Eurycea bislineata


Field Trip to Fenton Forest, May 2019
End of year lab field trip, May 2019

Lab Alumni

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Alumni

annette_evansAnnette Evans
Ph.D., 2020
Dissertation Abstract
2020: Lecturer at UConn-Hartford
AFAndrew Frank
M.S., 2018
2020: Bioinformatician at American Type Cultures Collection
CFisherCera Fisher
Ph.D. 2019
Dissertation Abstract
2020: postdoc at Cornell
FSFrank Smith
Ph.D., 2013
Dissertation abstract
Assistant Professor, U. North Florida
Elizabeth Timpe
M.S., 2012
Community Outreach Manager, CT Humane Society
RERoberta Engel
Ph.D., 2011
Dissertation abstract
Assistant Professor, Notre Dame of Maryland
IMSIńigo Martinez-Solano
Postdoc, 2007-2008
Tenured Scientist, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid
DRADavid R. Angelini
Postdoc, 2005-2008
Associate Professor, Colby College
MKMoto Kikuchi
Technician, 2006-2008
BCOBrigid C. O’Donnell
Ph.D., 2007
Dissertation abstract
Associate Professor, Plymouth State University
JRJonathan Q. Richmond
Ph.D., 2005
Dissertation abstract
Herpetological Geneticist, USGS San Diego Field Station
KOKaren Ober
Postdoc, 2001-2004
Professor, College of the Holy Cross
TLTobias Landberg
Schlichting/Schwenk labs
Ph.D., 2010
Dissertation Abstract
Assistant Professor, Arcadia University

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Ryan Mayer photoRyan Mayer (2017-2019)
Thesis: The relationship between soil conditions, forest composition, and morph frequencies of a woodland salamander, Plethodon cinereus
SURF (summer 2018)
2020: M.S. Program, John Carroll University
Sarah Baker (2017-2020) 
Thesis: The impact of distance from a stream on color morph distributions of Plethodon cinereus, the Eastern Red-Backed Salamander
SURF (summer 2019); Outstanding EEB major (2020)
2020: M.S. Program, Eastern Kentucky U.
Adam Chiu photoAdam Chiu (2015-2018)
Thesis: Phenotypic responses to changes in RNA interference parameters in a hemipteran (Oncopeltus fasciatus)
SURF (summer 2017)
Limmond Ayisi (2014-2017)
Thesis: Investigating mouthpart development patterning in Tribolium castaneum larvae through RNA interference targeting cap-n-collar and Wnt6 
2019: M.S. Program, Boston University
Temina Kusi (2013-2015)
McNair Scholar
Thesis: Correlation between body parts in holometabolous and hemimetabolous insects
2020: Physician’s Assistant (M.S. from Pace University)
Devin O’Brien (2011-2013)
Thesis: An analysis of the developmental genes fringefrizzled, and dishevelled in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
2018: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Colby College
Matthew Gaudio (2010-2012)
Thesis: Exploring the evolution of the arthropod labrum in Tribolium castaneum.
2013: Freelance artist
LRLeroy Robinson (2006-2010)
Thesis: Demystifying cryptic species in the Batrachoseps relictus group
2018: NYU Sackler Institute
Tami_nubbinTami Cruickshank (2004-2005)
Thesis: Evolutionary implications of a gene duplication event:  comparison of nubbin in Tribolium castaneum and Drosophila melanogaster.
2013: Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana U.

Other Undergraduate Researchers

Brian Branciforte
Madison Caballero


Derek Cornetta
Sean_spotted copy
Sean Edington
University of Virginia
(summer 2006)

David Farris, Jr.
Taylor Ferguson
Vance Harper
Dan Kirk
Jessica Klein
Daniel Madden
Eliana Mejia
Kate Morozova
Justin Mortimer

Jeremy Pang
National University of Singapore
Lisa Rodriguez

Jallah Rouse
Johnson C. Smith University
(summer 2007)
Ashley Sullivan
Avis Thompson

Johnson C. Smith University
(summer 2008)

Sarah Vetrano

Jennifer Wheeler
Chelsea Willett


Lab Visitors

Chris Evelyn
Graduate Student Visitor, 2011
Ph.D., U.C. Santa Barbara
Jorge Gutiérrez Rodríguez
CSIC Research Visitor, 2012
Ph.D., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Postdoc: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Christina Kocer
CT DEP weasel identification, 2007-2008
USFWS, White-Nose Syndrome National Assistant Coordinator
Anny Peralta García
Graduate Student Visitor, 2008
Conservación de Fauna del Noroeste, La Paz, Baja California
Alireza Sari, Ph.D.
Research Visitor, 2009, 2011, 2012
Zoological Museum, University of Tehran
Prashant Sharma
EDEN Fellow, 2012
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin
Vasylyna Strus, Ph.D.
Research Visitor, 2019-2020
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv